Body Services

Body Treatments

Fresh Skin Scrub: Exfoliation, hydration, touch therapy (60 minutes) $70

Love My Skin Mask: Hydration, detoxification masque, touch therapy (60 minutes) $70

Love My Fresh Skin: Exfoliation, hydration, detoxification, touch therapy (75 minutes) $130


Underarms $25
Shoulders $30
Upper back $45
Full back $60
Lower arm $25
Full arm $40
Lower leg $35
Full leg $60
Hands $20
Finger or toes $10

General Information about Spa Services

Our esthetician will work with you to decide which treatment will give you the best results. At any time, please feel free to call us for a free skin care consult. Skin care is a customized service. When buying gift certificates, be confident that our staff will fully consult before any service.

We recommend that you arrive a few minutes early. Many people prefer to remove all clothing as, during your service, the body is entirely draped and we only un-cover the portion being treated.